自荐信是求职中很重要的文书,善于自荐的人往往机会比别人的多。这里给大家分享一些关于自荐信英文,供大家参考。 自荐信英文1 Respected business leaders: H…



Respected business leaders:


Thank you for your first start reading, giving me the opportunity to you goes to my cover letter.

I Jiangxi Vocational College of Economics an d Management Department of Logistics Management 2015 graduates with the same number of our students, graduate an d harvest in sight, waiting for the test of the community an d look forward to your choice.

I was born in rural areas, studying in the city, so honest an d generous Chinese farmers an d urban people”s traditional virtues of a strong confident personality in me to get the perfect combination, which I have good social adaptation. University for three years to hone more I experience the significant increase in overall capacity strengthening, personal qualities to be a qualitative leap.

Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold, looking back, slowly an d study hard more than a dozen set, I split the air waves in the vast Xuehai cut, to seek the knowledge of the mountain. To pursue their studies of the exquisite, the pursuit of ambitions to achieve, manifestation of the pursuit of personal values, learning career, I have sought all-round development in physical an d moral. I sweat pour out of fruitful results. college three years, I have every year are very outstan ding professional achievements, and received third-class scholarship. Not only that, but also repeatedly been assessed “outstan ding cadres” college, many times the individual literary works in the College of Competition award.

Knowledge while at the same time I did not forget to shape their own character, honesty, unity an d good to my usual style, aggressive, hard work is my unique personality. To accompany raising their overall quality, I have actively participated in school a variety of meaningful activities outside; addition to specialized courses, I was the other after-school elective courses, including literature, psychology, acCounting, management, etc., in order to broaden their knowledge. usually either studying or living, I have to deman ding their own, I will put this character to the work which, strive to improve their ability to work, make their businesses grow gradually with the growth.

“Decade of sword, frost edge never try ”, I sincerely hope to become a member of your organization, I will, with enthusiasm an d tenacity of character to work hard an d cooperate with colleagues, contribute to savings for many years as a unit wisdom an d skill. urge acceptance letter, is hope, I await your good news! I believe my ability, but I believe you are the right choice! give me a chance, I will have you a miracle!




dear sir or madam,

i have learned from an advertisement that your company is in need of a secretary. i would like you to consider me for the position.my name is li min. i am twenty-three years old. i am studying business management in xiamen university. i will graduate this summer. i am familiar with computer operation and office softwares, which can help me do the office work very well. and i have learned english for ten years.in the past two years, i have been an editor for the english paper of my department. my grades come out top in my department. what’s more, i like office work very much and i also think that i can be competent for the job.if i could have the opportunity to get the job i will be quite appreciative.

thank you for your consideration. i look forward to hearing from you.

yours faithfully


















Respected leader:


My name is x x x, is a graduate of x art professional art department of x_niversity School of art. Going into the community, I am looking forward to the future, I will graduate, facing new challenges and choices, I think I’m ready.

Although I am an ordinary member of many graduates, but I am not a mediocrity, university learning is my life more abundant during my values and outlook on life has changed a lot, compared with the past, I become mature, able to independently handle many matters, I optimistic, confident, like delving into some professional knowledge, at the same time, the interest is extensive, in philosophy, but also a certain degree of learning English, good communication skills, able to deal with good interpersonal relationship. I have strong ability to live independently, to study and work hard, I have done a lot of work in University during the forging work in the Office of Academic Affairs Exercise my ability to work, but also often go to the orphanage to do volunteer work, with a strong sense of responsibility, my achievement though not excellent, but the use of spare time, broaden the horizons of knowledge and improve the knowledge structure, I believe in today’s fierce competition, only the multi-level and all-round development, and master professionals to meet the needs of social development and the needs of employers, I determined to forge ahead, willing to help others and the style of performance has also been the students and teachers must, therefore, I also hope that in the future of life on the road, in my occupation career, to improve my professional skills and excellent character The foot, do a socially useful talents, be the light and salt, play the strength for our own unit to contribute their lifetime struggle! In spite of the candidates, I may not be the best, but I am very confident, sincere pending the main economy, holding for Ming Jun I only hope. Have practical action to witness my sincere!

Job seekers:


Beloved leaders:


First of all, I sincerely appreciate your taking the time in his busy schedule to read my letter of the ordinary job-seekers. Ordinary job in this letter you will see I am a true.

__ I am a University School of Management graduates, the school is the financial management professional, as a result of the baptism of four years, I have a solid theoretical foundation for knowledge and professional skills. In “learning to be, keep Atsuyuki; learning to do, entrepreneurial success” motto to live for four years has given me a lot of people doing things in knowledge.

While studying at the school, in addition to my master the theoretical knowledge of the profession, but also of other elective courses, take full advantage of after-school time and school library resources, e_tensive knowledge of drawing a large number of e_tra-curricular. In their continued efforts, the top academic performance, has won various honors in rating schools, the state scholarship. At the same time to participate in the school orchestra, playing musical instruments to learn, appreciate the art of washing people, enrich their college life.

I just want to set foot on as a community college graduates, to work or lack of life e_perience may make you hesitate, but ask you to believe that my ability and confidence. I have been convinced that the “not only can not une_pected.” I hope you can give me a chance, your recognition will be the glory of my life!

Again, thank you for reading my cover letter, no matter the outcome, please accept my heartfelt good wishes! I wish you successful work!



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